July 2022: “Revolution from Within” by Gloria Steinem

This summer in the GEMs book club we will be reading “Revolution from Within” by Gloria Steinem. Gloria is a powerful memoir of one of the most powerful women in the feminist movement in America. In it, she talks about the power of personal growth, “inner revolution”, and self-awareness in furthering the goals of women in society. She examines her own life, journey, and personal experiences, to talk about how important introspection have been to her own development. 

GEMs recommends Gloria Steinam’s book because it an interesting discussion on how liberation and empowerment can come from understanding and then addressing or challenging biases and personal beliefs that otherwise limit us in our daily lives. That is, she talks about how empowerment comes from within, but how we must reflect on how it is also shaped by outside forces. In the end, it is a call to action that prompts readers to undertake their own personal “revolutions” in terms of self-awareness in order to make significant impacts in the world at large. 

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