July 2019: “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery

“Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery is a classic tale of one of the most famous girls in literature. It is the story of an orphan girl who has to learn to live in a new situation and yet sees the fun and adventure in every day things. This book is great for all readers.

Anne (with an E!) is an independent, free-spirited, and imaginative girl who lives in Prince Edward Island in Canada. After living with a large family who treated her like a servant, she is eventually adopted by a single woman who lives with her brother in a small house that has a lot of land around it. While they had wanted to adopt a boy, they come to love and adore Anne, with all of her faults and imagination. This story also tells the tale of two friends – or bosom buddies – who navigate their childhoods and teenage years together. This story has lots of ups and downs (like real life) and yet paints a vivid picture of a girl and her life as she evolves and grows in her new environment. It is also the story of love and family and connections between generations. 

GEMS BOOK CLUB highly recommends Anne of Green Gables for readers of all ages. Anne (with an ā€œeā€) is a true, classic GEM. She is a free, kindred spirit whose imagination sometimes get the best of her, but she always comes out on top, no matter the circumstances. She is a true inspiration to all.

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