January 2022: “What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About” by Michele Filgate

“What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About” is an anthology of essays from a diverse group of authors talking about their experiences and relationships with their mothers. It is filled with personal stories and anecdotes of various kinds, diving into a range of topics all the way from the complex unbounding love between a mother and a child, to the unfortunate instances of maltreatment and abuse. 

This book is a powerful and deep foray into memory and emotions inherent in the complicated relationships, particularly women, have in their lives. It also discusses societal norms and expectations, as well as the power of communication and healing. 

GEMs recommends this book because it is very well put together, bringing together a set of otherwise disparate authors all talking about a singular theme. It has strong female characters (something we are always on the lookout for the GEM Book Club) but also has real-life stories that anyone can either relate to or learn from. 

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