Marzena Wilewicz

Insurance Account Executive
GEM Role
Executive Member
[email protected]
Atlanta, GA

About This GEM

Marzena is an Executive Director of the Girls Empowerment Movement, Inc. she is an accomplish insurance professional, working in this field for over 30 years. She loves to travel and learn new language.

What GEMs means to me

I was born and raised in Poland. Came to the US in 1986. For an immigrant, and a woman who still speaks with an bit of a foreign accent, GEMs means teaching girls to think for themselves. To acquire and retain the ability to be sure of yourself. Never doubt that you can do anything you want. No social, economic, racial constrains should be able to stop you. No prejudice, like “it is just this way”, “this is how it should be”, or even worse “you are just a girl, or a woman” should ever determine your life.