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    How rare and unlikely is it for a guy from Brooklyn to end up with a woman from Malaysia? It is such a strong testament to the power of love and the opportunity the universe provides each of us to manifest our own destiny!

    John has a B.A. and M.A. in Asian Studies and Chinese Language from Seton Hall University, with intensive Chinese studies at Columbia University. John lived in Taiwan & Korea for seven years where he managed the sourcing offices of a major footwear organization. John’s greatest professional satisfaction came from mentoring and empowering generations of young leaders. Dedicated to a lifetime of health, fitness and balanced living, John became certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner by The School of Applied Functional Medicine, and has a private practice working with individuals & corporate clients.

    Chrisand was born & raised in Malaysia in an environment where only the basic needs of she & her family were met. She moved to Hong Kong in 1995 where she lived for 13 years,  working diligently, and had a successful and blossoming career in sales.  She left that career and moved to the United States in 2008.  She is a certified yoga instructor (encouraging all to experience the benefits of yoga), a gourmet cook, and is about to embark on a new career.  Chrisand is firmly dedicated to spreading compassion & happiness to all those she encounters.

    Chrisand & John enjoy traveling the world and are grateful for all of life’s wonderful gifts, especially their three children, Peter, Matthew & Jonathan, and their families in Malaysia & the USA.